Referral Testimonial

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Dear Tom

I would personally like to thank you for the service that you provided recently for one of our customers.

They are catering butchers and needed a printer for invoicing and the daily deliveries etc.  Due to the damp environment that they work in they needed something specific and reliable that would not let them down and stop their daily printing so that the drivers had the right documents before they left to do the deliveries in the area.  Prior to introducing them to you they had quotes that they thought were reasonable.  After speaking to you and the quote that you gave, which also included an additional back up printer, they were over the moon that they were making such a great saving over the long term.  They like the fact that if they should have an issue then all they need to do is call and report it and an engineer will be out to see them to sort it.  All they need to worry about is that they have the paper to put in the machines.

I have no hesitation in recommending you to other business associates, friends and family.

Best regards

J Chauhan
The Geek Guys

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