Post it note stating words Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Apex Toner Recycling Scheme

As a responsible partner Apex offers its customers a toner recycling service.  Request a recycling box.  Fill it with your empty toner cartridges.  Let us know when your box is full.  We’ll arrange for its collection & delivery to the recycling facility.  It really is as simple as that!

Apex has teamed up with a local partner who specialises in the recycling of used toner cartridges, as well as printer consumables, such as drum & fuser units & waste toner boxes.  They are committed to zero-landfill & follow the Waste Hierarchy as set out in the EU Waste Framework Directive enforced in UK Law.

Upon arrival at the recycling facility a rigorous sorting process is initiated.  Items are separated; cartridge tubes, waste toner boxes, drums & fuser units & any waste packing is also grouped for reusing or recycling.

After a cartridge condition check, damaged cartridges are carefully dis-assembled, cleaned & broken back down to raw materials.  The raw materials will be sold to industries for reuse.

The remaining intact cartridges are further categorised by type & colour, logged & stored.  These will be supplied to cartridge remanufacturers for refilling, ready to be used again.

The perfect scheme to support your school eco-club!

It is your responsibility to recycle properly & Apex can help you to do it in a legal & environmentally compliant manner.

Interested?  Contact for more information.