Apex Support Cheshire East Schools

Apex Supports Cheshire East Schools

Juliet and Debbie from the Apex team went to Nantwich town market square to join hundreds of parents, children and teachers protesting about the governments new funding formula.

Cheshire East Schools are amongst the thousands of schools who stand to lose out.

Why Are Our Children Worth-less?
No Funding No Future
We Stand Up to Funding Cuts

… are just some of the banner slogans and chants that were heard.

Funding cuts will lead to a loss of 614 teachers in the Cheshire East area.  Fewer teachers will result in yet larger class sizes, reducing the workforce by up to 25% in some primary schools!

One parent spoke of the huge pressures children are under today, due to the high-performance expectations.  She said she would like the Government to tell her how they think children can achieve outstanding results when they are cutting the support and resources to aid them to do so?

Amongst others, head teachers from Tytherington School and Malbank School & Sixth Form College raised their fears.

Brine Leas Head Teacher Mr Andrew Cliffe advised that schools are not losing luxuries.  The impact of the cuts is not “the icing on the cake – this is cutting into the cake”.

The local support was clear from the large turn-out, and there were calls for parents to help take things further by contacting their local MP to voice their concerns.

Changes to the National Funding Formula mean real cash cuts for schools.  Schools hamorrhage thousands of pounds in wasted prints, cartridges, rentals, and supplier’s overcharges.  This is a waste of all our money!

Apex Connected can help.  We are saving schools on average 20% on print and copier spend. To find out how Apex Connected can help your school, call Chris Hutchings, Managing Director on 01948 302066 or email: chris.hutchings@apexconnected.com