Earth Day 2022

A deep intake of breathe as I look up at the stars
Millions, billions, trillions of you dancing round this planet of ours
I’ve even heard a rumour, is it honestly true
There are less grains of sand than there are sparkles of you?

Trees, rivers, mountains, butterflies and moths
Zebras, tigers, orangutans, furry tree-hugging sloths
Turtles, fish and corals, the lifeblood of the sea
And we really must remember the humble bumble bee

Plants and pretty flowers watered by the rain
In winter disappeared but in Spring they’ll rise again
Man’s best friend a dog, such good company
As is stripy tabby cat purring on a knee

Sun signals daybreak, we feel it’s warmth on our face
It’s fireball of energy it allows us to embrace
Moon comes into view to illuminate our night sky
One last gaze at her beauty before to the day I say goodbye

How can we not be awe of this captivating land
The miracle of nature that the universe has planned
Can you feel the bond, we’re all connected can’t you see
To be part of this is a privilege, to be human you and me.

What will you do to help save our planet?

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*photo courtesy of Apex MD, Chris during his volunteering conservation project in Borneo