Apex Action Buys Six-Seater Football Subs Bench for Biddulph Town FC Under 11’s   

The purchase of a foldable football subs bench by Apex Action this month, solved a major problem for Biddulph Town (Under 11’s), who play in the North Staffordshire Lads n Dads League, also known as the North Staffordshire Junior Youth League.

Playing every Sunday morning, team manager Matt Burgess was finding it impossible to keep the substitutes comfortable on the side lines during hour long matches.  Playing in all weathers the boys would invariably end up sitting on the grass getting cold and wet.

However, on 24th November the new Apex emblazoned bench had its first outing.  It went down a treat.  So well in fact, some of the team asked to stay off the pitch because it was so comfortable!

Unfortunately, the score didn’t go down quite as well.  The boys lost their game 5-2 against Blurton Reds, but they’ve got plenty of time to work on their skills in training!

Richard Stevens, who’s youngest son plays for the team said:

“I’d like to say a massive thank you to all at Apex for your generous support on behalf of Biddulph Town Under 11s; it is truly appreciated”.

You can search for @BiddulphLnD on Facebook to find out more about the LadsanDads.

“Apex Action” is Apex’s volunteering & funding initiative for school & community projects.  They are always up for a challenge & doing something a bit different!  If you’d like to see whether they can support your project contact Debbie on debbie.snelson@apexconnected.com or call 01948 302066 to discuss further.