Two people dressed in Karate Uniforms

Apex Wellbeing Programme Revitalises Karate Kicks!

Apex offers a Wellbeing Programme to all its team to support their mental and physical health.  We believe our customers also reap rewards from this.  Knowing that our happier and healthier employees are motivated, full of energy and ready to offer the highest levels of customer service.

As part of the initiative some of the team go running, circuit training, for boxing lessons or even have a massage.   Apex’s Service Manager, Phil, however, is one of the most transformative successes.  He has found himself reviving his childhood passion for Karate.

Phil Harrison, Service Manager at Apex commented:

“When Apex launched a Wellbeing Programme I signed up to my local gym.  Saturday mornings became my regular session slot.  I’d go on the treadmill, do some weights and was making reasonable progress.   But I was there alone.  No encouragement from others.  No camaraderie.  I was just going through the motions.

Last year, I’d started taking my daughter to Karate.  It was something I’d absolutely loved as a kid.  It taught me to focus, release tension, as well as enjoy the physical benefits and feel strong.  I started in 1986 and by 1993 I reached Black Belt 1st dan status.  I’m exceptionally proud of this.  It’s something nobody can take away from me.

Back at the Koshido Ryu Karate Club in Winsford, my daughter had taken to it just as much as I had when I was younger.  Watching his sister have fun, my son decided he’d like to try it to.  Then earlier this year, my wife started to join in!  After a little persuasion, the club convinced me to take part as well.

Since July I’ve been going twice a week.  I’ve not missed a single class. I’ve treated myself to a new uniform.  I’m practicing my Katas.  I’m getting fitter every session.  I’m feeling the buzz as my endorphins flow.   I remember just how good it felt when I was younger.  I’m getting those feelings back. Catherine & Emily who run the club give me so much inspiration and encouragement.

Karate is in my heart.   The best thing about it now though – I do it with my family.  My wife and two children, and my Karate Club family”.

Apex is thrilled that it’s Wellbeing Programme has had such a positive effect. It’s not only Apex who has noticed a difference either.  Phil has received multiple compliments from customers about how well he’s looking.  Well done Phil, keep up the good work!

What do you do to enhance your wellbeing?   Anything you enjoyed as a child that might just be worth trying again?!!

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