Apex Action Supports 10K Wolf Run Charity Challenge

Apex Action was delighted to sponsor Selina Morgan, School Business Manager of Chase Terrace Technology College (CTTC) to compete in a 10K Wolf Run fundraising challenge.  All monies raised went towards the £50,000 needed for a replacement lift in the CTTC main school building to assist year 8 student Dan Ball.

On Sunday 14 April 2019, Selina joined ‘Team Howlers’, a seven-strong team of friends who successfully conquered the Wolf Run in Warwickshire.  The hardcore event was a test the physical & mental strength.  The team tackled 30 obstacles which included 5 particularly challenging open water swims.

Dan Ball is a year 8 Chase Terrace Technology College student & he has a rare genetic condition. Dan suffers from Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy & requires the use of an electric wheelchair to move around school.  The new lift will enable Dan to access art, computing & other lessons on the first floor with his friends.

When asked what a new lift would mean to him, Dan Ball responded:

“Having the new lift will improve my school life drastically.  It will allow me to access the same places as my peers, so I’m not excluded from lessons. … Most importantly however, it means other pupils who need the lift as well as me can also access lessons upstairs & have independence”.

Selina Morgan, School Business Manager of CTTC commented:

“I have been training for this over the last few months & although I am frequently running 10km the combination of mud & obstacles made it a real challenge!

However all the generous donations & well wishes beforehand gave me the motivation I need to conquer it.  It was an amazing experience for me personally, but I’m really proud of what we have achieved for Chase Terrace Technology College.  A total of £630 was raised for the school improvement fund!”

The CTTC “School Improvement Fund” initiative aims to raise a total of £100,000 by July 2020.  The first £50,000 will fund the replacement lift.  An investment of £15,000 will go towards their Accelerated Reading programme for year 8 & 9 students.  A further £35,000 will support the renovation of Lees Hall, a facility available for community hire.

So far £7,000 has been raised.  The school has launched its own Lottery & donations have been received from non-uniform days, a Christmas raffle, World Book Day & parental contributions.  In June 2019, Nik Mason, Deputy Headteacher of CTTC will also participate in the Great North Swim!

To find out more about the CTTC School Improvement fund visit www.cttc.staffs.sch.uk/school_improvement_fund.html

“Apex Action” is Apex’s volunteering & funding initiative for school & community projects.  They are always up for a challenge & doing something a bit different!  If you’d like to see whether they can support your project contact Debbie on debbie.snelson@apexconnected.com or call 01948 302066 to discuss further.