Apex Action Supports My CWA Rhyl Beach Adventure 2023

This summer, Apex Action was delighted to contribute £100 towards the purchase of buckets and spades for My CWA’s Rhyl Beach Trip.

My CWA (Cheshire Without Abuse) supports thousands affected by domestic abuse every year through various services, including a 24/7 helpline, refuge, recovery and behaviour change programs, practical clinics, and more. My CWA also arrange annual day-trips for the adults and children it supports.  Thanks to a generous £2000 grant from the Cheshire Community Fund, this particular summer adventure was free of charge.

On the 10th and 15th August, over the two days, 16 adults and 24 children enjoyed a day at the seaside.  For some, it was their first ever visit to the beach.  Each attendee received a packed lunch, a bucket and spade, and an ice cream of their choice.  They enjoyed making sandcastles, paddling in the sea, and playing beach games together.

One 17 year old participant currently lives in refuge with her mum.  She used the beach day as an opportunity to work on her photography skills.   She took pictures of the birds, people skateboarding, the sea and sky.  She also enjoyed a honeycomb ice cream and delighted in showing My CWA staff her pictures before heading back to the coach.

A 16 year old boy, with Global Development Delay and Autism, also lives in refuge with his mum and younger siblings.  He was able to see the lifeboats and ask officers questions about how they save people in the water.

Another mum living in refuge with her four children was able to take her children to the fun fair at the beach.  Before coming to refuge accommodation, they were able to go on lots of holidays, the fun fair being a family favourite. Since coming to refuge, due to financial constraints, they have been unable to do so.   The children really enjoyed the day and spent time telling My CWA staff which rides they went on. They then enjoyed time on the beach as a family before getting an ice cream.

Sharing her trip experience one of the attendees said:

“It was all free. A lovely cost-free trip where I can go and enjoy time with my daughter and not have to worry about the cost of things. Activities and ice-cream were provided without a charge which made it even better!

The whole day was great start to finish. Very well planned, very well executed.

It was really calming and enjoyable and also the games were fun”.

Apex’s Chris Hutchings commented:

“CWA approached me, when Apex was doing a regular client account support visit, as they were looking for a small donation to support their service users and children on a well-deserved break by the seaside.

CWA are a fantastic organisation and we were only too glad to help!”

“Apex Action” is Apex’s volunteering & funding initiative for school & community projects.  They are always up for a challenge & doing something a bit different!  If you’d like to see whether they can support your project contact Debbie on debbie.snelson@apexconnected.com or call 01925 202315 to discuss further.